« Daniel Van de Velde lives in the french department of Var and the direction of his work is guided by his different projects… Through scukture, installation, photography, writing or film, he seeks out the most accurate, best-adapted response to the intervention and exhibition proposals made to him.

As well as his own exhibitions, he has also participated in several art events on the themes of landscape and environment in France, Arnetina, Belgium, South Korea, Italy and Japan. »

Jacques Py, director of Yonne Art Centre

« A haunting but nevertheless subtle presence, the tree in Daniel Van de Velde’s work seems to have divested itself of its ancient burden of symbols and meanings, at the same time as it divested itself of its own substance. Neither totem, nor column - even lifted itself off the ground, whirling - its very verticality is called into question, and this « axis of the universe » now floats free, unfettered by ancient cosmogonies. Here, suspended by ropes over a path; and there, placed almost carelessly between the fork of a tree and a garden wall; sometimes passing sideways through walls, partitions and roofs: his work always respects initial form scrupulously, while, paradoxically, being in complete opposition to any idea of putting down roots. This object of « primary virtues », as described by Bachelard, which brings together elements and natural energies, always taking up the same central space and safeguarding the world’s stability, is dematerialised, deterritorialied, and in a certain way, demystified. »

Colette Garraud - Author and art critic


Daniel Van de Velde
  Domaine Régis Frères
565 chemin du Thoronet - 83550 Vidauban - France


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